Monday, September 30, 2013

My Nappy Bag

Having a well stocked and organised nappy bag is a fine art. My nappy bag with my daughter was a gorgeous OiOi (see below) however it became more like a Mary Poppins bag and my husband HATED getting anything from it (especially keys). I decide to get myself another nappy bag when I had my son but I needed pockets. And lots of them. Because now I was carrying things for two children.

So I researched. For months. I read reviews, I watched way too many YouTube nappy bag videos and I begged my husband to let me get a new bag with a designated key pocket :o) Finally I found one I liked BUT it was wayyyyyy to expensive so I looked some more. Then I found the one I liked HALF PRICE!! Wahoooo! It was a miracle and so of course I ordered it! 

And what was it I hear you ask....

Storksak Olivia in Moss! I really liked the Champagne colour as well however practicality won with this 'goes with everything' colour. So now that you have seen my amazing bag I will show you how I organise it.

The Outside

The outside of the bag has 4 generous pockets that I fill with my essentials.

In the front pocket I have my car keys, my phone and lip balm. Three things I always need and could never find in my old nappy bag. So easy now.

In the back pocket I keep my wallet. Easy to grab with a baby in one arm.

In the first side pocket I fit a small spare blanket, the bag strap and a wet bag (for wet clothes). In the second pocket I keep a few baby essentials: travel wipes (so I don't have to get one from my nappy change bag), tissues,  a few toys, hand soap (in an old hand sanitiser container) and a spare bib.

The Inside

Inside the bag I keep my things in smaller bags so I can grab what I need quickly! 

The floral bag (a Clinque freeby) is where I keep my nappy changing things. It has nappy bags, nappy cream (I have been using Weleda Calendula for years), a small washer (so I don't get peed on - I have a boy), 3 nappies, small change mat, wipes, disposable bib and spare undies for my 4 year old.

Of course I use that in conjunction with my Storksak change mat.

In my bronze bag (another freeby - can't remember where from) I keep all my teething essentials. This has panadol (my absolute last resort - he has only had it once I think), bonjela (another last resort), Hylands teething tables, Hylands teething gel and Brauer teething relief.

 In the Storksak pouch (came with the bag) I keep a few toys for my daughter (my son loves the car & giraffe too). I keep a note book, story books, stickers and a pen.

And lastly in another free Clinique bag I keep all the mummy essentials. This has (clockwise) hairbands and bobby pins, dummy (he doesn't take one but sometimes likes it to chew on), Vicks inhaler (sniffer stick), spare lip balm, ear plugs (needs a refill), panadol, bandaids,  pen, perfume dispenser, nail file, comb, brush, Valeline petroleum jelly (in old blistex container), face cream (in old eye cream container), deodorant and hand cream.

The inside has 6 pockets (as well as a zippered pocket) and this is what I keep in the pockets. In one pocket I keep flushable wipes, a notebook and another pen. In another 2 pockets I keep spare singlet and top, and pants (I separate them because it's too much for one pocket). In another pocket I keep a container with snacks (rusk sticks, muesli bars, fruit sticks). And in the last pocket I keep hand cream and 2 lip glosses.

 Extra item I usually take along with me are a burp cloth, a blanket and a water bottle. These items usually go in the pram or sit in my open bag.

The thing I love most about my nappy bag is the amount of times it has saved me. Having a baby is full or surprises (and over flowing nappies) and I am happy to say I have felt well prepared in (almost) every situation that motherhood has thrown at me when I'm out and about!

Not to mention - it is a hot nappy bag :o)

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