Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Top pregnancy must haves

Pregnancy = 40 weeks of crazy beautiful. So how on earth do you get through it (other than an amazingly supportive husband, family and friends)?

I have decided to make a list of things I found essential this time around.

Body Pillow.
I used a body pillow when I was pregnant with Miss S and almost as soon as I became pregnant with Jelly Bean I pulled it out. Who gets sore hips in the first trimester? Me - that's who. My body was instantly getting ready to deliver I think. So I have used the pillow for the last 9 months and I couldn't live without it.

Comfortable jeans and black maxi skirt
Second time pregnancy was a bit different for me. I instantly started getting a belly and due to morning sickness I decided to invest in some maternity basics in the first trimester. Great idea! I felt more comfortable and confident from the beginning and am still wearing my jeans and maxi skirt. They go with everything!

Fit Flops
Being pregnant is not always glamorous. And my motto is comfort over style. However with these shoes I have the best of both worlds. They offer so much support for my legs and I can wear them with my jeans and maxi skirts and still feel a bit attractive.

One symptom I always seem to get when I am pregnancy is heart burn. Last pregnancy I dealt with it using warm milk. We could have done with our own cow out the back. However this time I saw that I could take Gaviscon when pregnant so of course I tried it. And guess what! It works!

Nursing bras
During my first pregnancy I was a bit clueless when it came to pregnancy bras and brought some when I was 6/7 months pregnant. Oppps!! This time around I knew I needed some much sooner. One thing I always do when I am buying maternity bras is find ones that are supportive, comfortable and make me feel amazing.

Shower stool
Having sore veins during my pregnancies has been quite challenging and sometimes standing for long periods of time can be painful. I got a small stool for the shower early on in pregnancy and found it fantastic not only for leg pain but also for morning sickness.

Baby Centre Mobile App
I downloaded this free app for my phone and loved the daily information that I could read about. It tells me the size of the baby and advice and information for mum. As I am getting further into my pregnancy I really appreciated having easily accessible checklists and birth videos.

What are the things you couldn't live without?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What a year...

Well it has been almost a year since my last blog, and what a year it has been for our family. A new state and a new life in Melbourne. Many highs and lows and it's almost the end of yet another year.

Hanging out in the city
So what's been happening this year? Well firstly Michael started university back in February which means we get to see him a lot more than we did last year when he was working full time. It also means that because he is a uni student and I'm an at home mum we are learning to live on a very tight budget. A small sacrifice for the awesome things to come after uni.

Miss S has just turned 3 and is as amazing as she has always been. Being her mum is an absolute joy! And speaking of being a mum I about about 1 month off being a second time mum.

Almost a big sister....
So this is how I am looking at the moment. Well just over 5 weeks ago actually. I'm sure I am looking quite a bit bigger than that now. So now I am busy packing hospital bags, organising the nursery, putting my feet up as much as possible and excitedly waiting for the end of next month to hit so we can meet this surprise package!

30 weeks pregnant
So 2012 has been a huge year for us so far and we are only 10 months through. So much more to come in the next 2 months :o)