Friday, September 20, 2013

DIY Homemade Baby Wipes

I looked into making my own baby wipes when my daughter was a baby and I couldn't find much information about it and the only ones I found we too difficult or expensive. Since having my son I have re looked into the process and have found a winner. Super cheap, easy, no chemicals AND smells great!

So if you are interested in saving some money and going 'green' then this might be the recipe for you too!

Coconut Oil Baby Wipes

What you need
 - Wipes container
 - 1 cup boiling water
 - 1 tbs coconut oil
 - 1 tbs baby wash (I use Gaia)
 - Thick paper towels (I use Viva)

1. Cut paper towel in half 
(I use a sharp kitchen knife down to the core then a serrated knife for the core. 
This way there isn't too much fraying). 

2. Accordion fold the paper towel all the way to the end. 
Pull off the roll.

3. Put the paper towel into the wipes container. 

4. Add 1 tbs of coconut oil and and 1 tbs of baby wash to the boiling water. Stir.

 5. Pour the water over the paper towel. Pour down the sides a little too.

 6. Done!

Fact: I bought the paper towel 2 for $5 which got me 4 big rolls/8 small rolls. Bargain!!
Fact: The top wipe might be a little soapy
Fact: I use one wipe for a wee and two (sometimes more) for a poo
Fact: I use an old Huggies wipes container
Fact: It smells amazing

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