Saturday, November 20, 2010

The steps towards walking

Everyone knows that one of the greatest milestones for a child is their first steps. So when our daughter started pulling herself up on everything and wanting to hold our hand whilst walking we knew that the 'special moment' was quickly approaching.

Very quickly mummy and daddy realised that, although  walking around all day holding two little hands was not going to hurt Miss S in anyway, our backs were starting to anticipate the time when we could stand up straight once again.

This is when the 'Scrum Walk' was developed. It started one afternoon while I was cooking dinner and Miss S was holding on to my legs. I needed to move across the kitchen to get something and so I walked slowly and Miss S continued hanging on and took steps with me. This new move was very exciting for everyone and was used on a daily basis to move around the house.

A few weeks later she began taking a few small steps on her own and would then fall over on her overly padded nappy bottom. It didn’t take long for her to build her confidence and she is now found walking up and down the house carrying a pair of shoes or a remote control. Crawling is for ‘babies.’

They grow up so fast and now the days of putting Miss S on a mat to play seems like a life time ago. The whole world is now her oyster. Being a mum is such fun :o)

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